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Your resume is your “business card” in the working world. An effective resume translated into the appropriate language is your passport to the job market. Whether you’re looking for your first job  in internationally. A resume that is perfectly translated into English or Chinese language can make a difference in opening doors to better career opportunities.

Chinese Resume Writing becomes an important skill for many English speaking talents who’re looking to land a job in Chinese companies, given more and more Chinese giants are going onto the international stage, especially those internet companies, like Tiktok, for these people, a beautifully formatted, properly worded Chinese resume will make your job seeking much easier.

Generally, the Chinese companies in which you can apply for a job are international companies, which will require you to send a Chinese resume or CV or at least adapting it to a style which they are used to chinese translator .

When looking for employment in China, it is important to be sure that your resume will have the format and content that Chinese recruiters and employers expect.


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For resume translations, Translated recommends our Premium service, where the first translation is thoroughly reviewed by a second, professional, native-speaking translator responsible for checking the translated text in detail along with its stylistic quality and internal consistency.

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