Pros and Cons of Machine Translation and Why You should use Do-transl


In the world in which we live, the need to translate from one language to another is very high. There are many individual users, companies and professionals who need translation services done fast and rigorously. Two most spoken languages in the world, Chinese and English, have a big network of people in need of this service. If you only speak  English, you may have attempted to translate Chinese to English automatically. You have also probably noticed the extremely poor results. Automatic translation is completely unreliable.

Machine translation is an area of ​​computer science that applies the use of software to translate one language to another. It is a tool that has the ability to translate texts in just a few seconds. Something that would take a person hours or even days. However, that comes with the unavoidable low quality. Machine translation has come to stay. In fact, this tool has been used for years. Today, its use is increasing and it is expected that in the future it will continue to be refined and used more and more. It is alright if a professional uses it as an additional tool, but it can never stand on its own.

However, we must not forget that today, as much as we try, machine translation does not produce the same results in the translation of a text as a person. Artificial intelligence is not sufficiently developed in this field to generate quality work. Machine translations are poor, ignore the context and do not have the interpretive capacity of a flesh and blood translator. They only translate, literally, word by word without any connection and without differentiating between the possible translations for the same word. This gives rise to many disastrous and sometimes very funny translations.

In fact, proof of the differences and richness of perspective offered by a professional translation service compared to automatic translation is to imagine the following case: If two individual translators translate the same text, their translations will not be identical. But they can give two different visions until the best version is agreed upon. However, in automated translation the results will be poor. The language is too rich and complex to be 100% automated in a translation process. In addition, when the sentences are very extensive or the content is specialized (legal, commercial, advertising, artistic texts, etc.), grammatical and other errors  are frequent translate chinese to english .

If you attempt to translate Chinese to English on your own, you will soon realize the difficulty of the task. Service provided by our professional translators,  who are also native speakers, is by far the safest solution.  Translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English in just a few short days, without compromising the quality of the translation.

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