Ways For Cleaning the Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are commonly chosen by majority of property owners because they provide style to a room. Besides, they are also available in diverse sorts, shapes and sizes. It is said that tiles are usually fairly easy to maintain but this does not mean that you will never need to clean all of them. All things need to be properly cleaned in order to show its real beauty plus functionality. Tiles, especially those placed inside the bathroom where they are susceptible to germs and dirt, require very similar maintenance and care.

The bathroom is mainly loaded with moisture which is a common thriving environment for bacteria and fungus. Therefore the bathroom facilities including the ceramic tiles must frequently be cleaned to prevent the spread of germs specifically to the children using the bathroom. Whomever is tasked to clean the bathroom tiles and the whole bathroom can acknowledge that it is a difficult task to perform. Worse is when the tiles get dirty so often so the cleaning too should be done frequently.

The most familiar and non-technical methods of cleaning is by using regular cleaning soap. Half a cup of water softener, or bleach or chlorine with one cup of water usually does the trick. Another choice is to mix 1 to 2 tablespoons associated with tri-sodium phosphate with one gallon of water then use a sponge to apply the solution onto the floor tile then rinse afterwards.

There are stubborn dirt which have formed on the ceramic tiles which may not at all be removed along with just water and cleaning detergent but instead need to be cleaned with chemical substances like chlorine or muriatic acid solution. However these chemicals are simply harmful and may cause irritations and allergic reactions on the skin. First try to directly pour liquid laundry detergent on the stain.
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Let it stay on the dark stains for several hours before scrubbing up it. Rinse afterwards.

Mildew is another stain buildup on the bathroom ceramic tiles which is hard to remove. For this you will need to use a soft bristle brush. Combine water and bleach then use this on the mildew. Let the remedy stay on the stain for hours, clean and rinse.

For removing oil, use 10% soda ash or even washing soda (sodium carbonate) mixed with water. Rust is also likely to spot the tile due to rusting associated with some bathroom fixtures. To remove this particular, use a solution of water and 5% hydrochloric acid then scrub the area slightly. To remove nail polish stain, get a piece of paper towel then wet or soak this with nail polish remover or acetone.

Cigarette burns on bathing room tiles can be removed by using metal wool then brush the area quite slightly. After removing the most stubborn of stains and dirt, the restroom should be disinfected to ensure the prevention associated with sickness and germs. Remember to use protective accessories like hand hand protection and face mask if strong cleansing chemicals will be used. If possible, keep your bathroom dry to prevent dirt deposition on tiles. Another method to prevent growth of bacteria on the tiles is to apply a thin layer of polish used on cars. Apply the wax on the tiles using a rag right after cleaning them. The wax can help the tiles to resist dust aside from making the tiles shiny.