How to prevent Pregnancy

Most women today are worried about ways to flourish in preventing pregnancy. There are different ways in which one could achieve this but they don’t often work. Down below you will find tips and advice that will help maximize your chances in avoiding pregnancy.

Let’s look at some common urban myths that must be debunked:

You can obtain pregnant just from the first sexual intercourse or never! After the first period, women are completely vulnerable.

The probabilities do not decrease just because this is the first time you’ve had a sexual intercourse. Once a feminine gets her first period, she actually is able to get pregnant from any sexual activity and at anytime.

You can prevent maternity if the male removes his male organ before ejaculation.

If a man chooses to do so, it may reduce the chances of pregnancy but it still doesn’t affect it enough. All you need is just one sperm to reach the ovum and the being pregnant process will immediately begin! Sperm can actually be released even before ejaculations so this whole idea is completely illogical.

You can prevent pregnancy if the male decides to wash the sperm after intercourse.

This technique is called douching /publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/douching. cfm) and it’s also not a very successful technique.
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As state before, semen can be released before ejaculation. It is far from possible for someone to successfully wash away the sperm because millions and millions of sperms are released. They would have previously gotten far into the womb before they can be washed out. There are some better and much more successful alternative ways for avoiding pregnancy.

Contraception and Pills

You can find all sorts of methods of contraception for both males and females to use. They do not promise 100% defense, but still provide protection.

Pills are most likely the most unnatural way to prevent being pregnant. There are birth control pills available and you can obtain them through prescription. The particular morning pill is another emergency pill that can be taken within 24 hours of sexual intercourse.

No Sex During Ovulation Period.

This is a natural way for avoiding pregnancy. Instead of using artificial contraception, you can decide to avoid having sexual intercourse during your ovulation period, which occurs around the 14th day of a regular 28 day cycle. This is the time when the eggs are released. So if the eggs are hanging around when the semen comes in, there is higher chance of getting pregnant.

Despite which method you choose to stick to, they will only work if you follow them properly and do not try to avoid cutting sides. Doing it so may lead to a potential unwanted pregnancy and if that ever turns into the case, always remember that it is not the particular child’s fault that he or she was brought to this world and indeed was due to your careless actions. This brings up a topic that requires a lot of time and dedication to become covered, which is abortion.

Deciding to prevent Pregnancy With Care: Talking About the Issue

Choosing to avoid pregnancy involves much more than taking medicine and applying methods which are implemented during, before or even after sexual intercourse. Depending with whom you are trying to avoid a maternity issue this matter will require an excellent conversation between you and your partner.