The Diamond Certification Predicament

AGS, EGL, GIA, or IGI? Does it influence selling price?

The debate about diamond certification and grading is not new, but the rising expansion of World-wide-web diamond jewelry product sales has fired up this discussion and brought it to the consumer’s doorstep. Diamond jewelry customers are overwhelmed by facts, some accurate, some not, but mainly baffling.

The objective of this posting is not to settle the debate, but just to give a actual earth perspective for what I have found evolve above the previous ten years from within the marketplace of diamond dealers, to the avenue for the diamond shopper.

10 years back purchasing a diamond or diamond jewellery was a magical experience requiring the session of an expert. Diamonds had been acquired and cherished. Nowadays it is a pet-try to eat-canine Internet globe, in which diamond sellers are “perceived” not to be trusted and shoppers are educated to the stage of commoditizing a little something that was the moment precious and unusual.

The allure is absent, dependable knowledge dwindling, and the debate around diamond worth rages on.
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In my impression, this is not a fantastic matter or a poor factor it is just the end result of an evolving business. Just as in any marketplace there is a continuum of improve and handle, with the sellers at one stop and the consumers at the other. From time to time the alter goes also significantly in one particular path or the other, but in excess of time manage will come back to stability simply because of fundamental economics. The diamond marketplace is in the center of this alter.

The diamond certification is a person way diamond sellers are differentiating their item. With so a lot information offered on diamond training, the consumer has come to be a self-proclaimed qualified and is in research of the great diamond at the lowest priced rate. When building an financial commitment in a good top quality diamond it should be accredited by an accredited independent gemological laboratory and of course obtained from a respected dealer. The most preferred certifications being talked over these days are:

– GIA – Gemological Institute Of America (launched 1931)

– AGS – American Gem Culture (launched in 1934)

– EGL – European Gemological Laboratory (founded 1974)

– EGL United states (EGL United states is not affiliated with any other EGL labs exterior North The us. Established 1977)

– IGI – Global Gemological Institute (launched 1975)

Let me deal with the most prevalent buyer inquiries about certification:

one. Are all certifications established equivalent?

Based mostly exclusively on track record, not all certifications are developed equal. This is reality in the diamond sector, there are biases in the marketplace and this also varies by what state you are in.

In the United States, GIA and AGS, are the industry leaders, the most trusted resources. For that rationale a diamond graded by possibly just one of these establishments will be additional highly-priced than like diamonds graded by their competition, period of time. Conversely, assume a discount for EGL and IGI graded diamonds.

The discussion is not purely about popularity, but about criteria of top quality. No make a difference how you glimpse at it a diamond is even now graded by a human and open up to subjectivity. Thus, the extra standardized the applications and stringent the procedure the much more consistent the effects. GIA and AGS started the benchmarks and have refined them above the previous seventy five several years. This is why evaluating two like diamonds with the exact grade for shade, clarity and lower, the EGL and/or IGI diamonds will be less costly. It is assumed it truly is off by at minimum 1 quality, e.g., graded F shade by EGL may perhaps be grade G or H by GIA. It really is a prevalent assumption in the market that IGI and EGL diamond grades are softer than GIA and AGS.

For now the purchaser just requirements to realize that these biases exist in the market and generate pricing. An essential variable driving the raise of EGL and IGI qualified diamonds into the market place is the commoditization I talked about before, when diamond grades are less difficult to get it boosts the margin for the seller.

2. Will my diamond be far more beneficial with a certification?

A diamond is not far more important with a certification for each se. A diamond can be sent to any grading lab and obtain a certification at any time (notice it should really be un-mounted). The original benefit of the certification is two fold, 1st it gives the reliability at time of acquire that it has been independently graded. Secondly, if you ever want to market or trade your diamond, the certification will make this approach a lot easier.

three. How do I know the certification is for the exact same diamond?

This is a trickier problem, and why a diamond shopper continue to requires dependable sources and professionals. A diamond certification offers detailed requirements about the diamond, like distinct measurement facts. 1 way to know for a actuality the certification goes with the diamond is the measurements, this involves specialised diamond measuring resources. If you require to confirm a certification/diamond mixture I advise getting it to an impartial jeweler who can present you with a Sarin Report, a significant-tech automatic slash grade and diamond measuring system.

A further way a professional can verify your diamond and certification is by clarity grading. A diamond’s clarity is akin to fingerprints, no two diamonds are alike. A expert jeweler can tell you the specific area of the clarity birthmarks, feathers, inclusions, and so forth. and verify the certification.

4. Really should all diamonds be licensed irrespective of measurement?

I regularly get issues about irrespective of whether or not all the diamonds in the ring are accredited. It is not necessary or advisable to certify several modest diamonds in a ring. Certification is reserved for greater center stone diamonds, .75ct and better. Whilst you can get all the diamonds licensed, it would not incorporate any benefit and it’s high-priced.

As a diamond shopper your alternatives are limitless, what is actually important to just take away from this report is the comprehension that certification is not a assure of worth, but basically one far more choice that impacts price. A diamond shopper will need to have to make this determination together with color, clarity, reduce, and carat, in your lookup for the fantastic diamond at the very best price tag.