5 clever jewelry storage ideas to organize your jewelry

Accessories are a fun way to add some style to your style. While it’s fun to wear jewelry, storing it is another matter. Be sure to put our favorite ornaments in the right place to keep it beautiful and quality. Sorting jewelry is also an effective way to find jewelry. Although putting jewelry aside may sound a little boring, it shouldn’t be. Putting your accessories together is as fun as wearing them! From hanging exhibits to full-service dresser organizers, there’s something for every jewelry enthusiast. Here are 5 clever ways to organize your jewelry:

1. Wooden Utensil Organizers

Simple, all you need is a wooden utensil organizer and a few hooks to come up with this creative jewelry holder. While there are plastic cutlery holders available, the wooden ones are sturdier and can display fancier. All you need to do is attach one of the hooks to one of the larger sections for your necklaces. You can use the other smaller sections for your earrings, rings, and pendants. Say goodbye to tangled   and misplaced smaller accessories with this easy DIY jewelry organizer.


2. Cork Boards

Cork boards are more often used for memos, reminders, or photos, but it can also be transformed into your jewelry lifesaver. Unleash your inner creative genius by transforming a rather dull cork board into a fun jewelry organizer. With just a few push pins and decorating paper, this is an easy way to store your statement, chain, or tassel necklaces in a nice and neat place. You could also add more fun elements in it with stickers and ribbons.


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3. Lace Strips

Who knew that a strip of lace could help you keep your hoop, stud, and cuff earrings in place?   You can give off a vintage vibe to your organizer by staining your white lace with used teabags for a rustic feel. Just attach a loop at the top end or attach it to an unused frame and hang it on a wall or your closet and you have a beautiful earrings organizer!

4. Re-purpose Recyclables

If you think your empty shoe boxes and paper towel rolls have no use, think again! Wrap these with craft papers and you have an instant watch and bracelet organizer! Let your creativity soar and add your style and personality in each box design.


5. Garden Rakes

Your old gardening tools, jewelry racks? Yes! All you need is the end of an old tweezer, some ropes and ribbons, and your new jewelry hanger. You can keep it in its original color, or you can draw it in the color you like. We bet it’s going to be a new topic between your girlfriends.