Luxury Mobility Scooters

The modern luxury mobility scooter is a far cry from the mobility scooter of the past. Up until recently mobility scooters were low powered, badly engineered machines that looked as if they had been designed for people who had given up on any idea of style or elegance. Fortunately that has now changed, and a new breed of mobility scooter has arrived.

The luxury mobility scooter is defined by three main attributes: design quality; build quality; and ride quality.

Design quality is demonstrated in two ways: aesthetically and ergonomically, and there is no better example of design quality than the scooters of imported into the UK by NHC and marketed under the Freerider brand. The top of the range Freerider scooter, the Royale, is one of the finest mobility scooters on the market today. Available in both three and four wheel models the Royale is a beautiful looking full sized scooter.

The Royale’s design borrows heavily from the modern motor scooter, such as those produced by the Italian firm Piaggio, and features an elegant chevron motif that is repeated through out the fairing and lighting units.

The design of the Royale is more than just about aesthetics though, with ergonomics clearly being at the fore front of the designers minds. The ride position on the Royale can be configured for maximum comfort, with a captain’s seat that shifts fore and aft, and a fully adjustable tilting tiller.

The Royale features one of the highest specification control panels seen on a mobility scooter with an LCD display that showing speed, battery life, mode and time.

A scooter that can rival the Freerider Royale is the TGA Vita. New to the market in 2009 the TGA Vita is already creating a buzz amongst consumers and commentators. There are many similarities between the Freerider Royale and the TGA Vita (both in design and build quality), but these are easily explained: they are made by the same company.

Both the Vita and the Royale are manufactured in Taiwan by Heartway Medical Products Limited. Heartway have been manufacturer mobility aids since 1995 and have led the way in raising standards and expectations in the mobility market.

Heartway are not the only company raising the bar in the luxury mobility scooter market. Based in Israel Afikim Electric Vehicles have produced a top end scooter to rival those built by Heartway: the Breeze.

Distributed in the UK as the TGA Breeze the Breeze is available as either a three or four wheel scooter. Aesthetically the Breeze is a very different looking product to the Royale and the Vita, with flowing organic lines and a solid appearance.

The Breeze is one of the most popular luxury scooters in the UK and has developed a loyal consumer base due to it’s excellent build quality (backed by a three year warranty in most cases) and go any where capabilities. It is unsurprising that the Breeze is an accomplished off roader when you consider it is from the same manufacturer as the legendary TGA Supersport.

Luxury is not entirely limited to the heavy duty end of the mobility scooter market. The standard of folding scooters has been raised by Electric Mobility’s Liteway range. The top of the range Liteway 8 scooters features an aluminum chassis and light weight alloy wheels with pneumatic tires allowing Electric Mobility to produce a fully collapsible, full featured eight mile an hour scooter with a heaviest piece of only 18kg or 41 pounds.

While not every one wants or needs the features of these top of the range scooters, the mere fact of their development is a good thing for all mobility scooter consumers. The introduction Motorized scooter of innovation in the design of mobility scooters, and the raising of standards in both build quality and ride quality will certainly trickle down to mid and low priced scooters giving more and better mobility to all.